Apr. 1st, 2015

bookofholsety: this post is a Genealogy of the Holy War first-gen translation (lewyn!)

the translation patch is now in open beta. play it!  the copy of the script here is woefully outdated compared to the contents of the patch, so i've decided to just close it off for now. once the patch is out of beta, i'll go through and provide a finalised transcript of the entire game

Stuff of interest
To do
  • i'll probably keep making minor revisions to the script in the patch until we're out of beta and/or i'm 100% content with it. i wouldn't expect much to change from its current state but you never know. if you encounter a typo or other issue with the patch's version of the script, be sure to report it here, in the serenes or rhdn threads, or on twitter
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