May. 15th, 2015

bookofholsety: this post is probably a miscellaneous jugdral side/meta thingy (patty!)
i've been chipping away at this for a couple of weeks now and it's finally done. here, have what's probably the most important thing to happen to the jugdral games in the past decade: an entirely new bit of story in the form of a genealogy scenario which did not make it into the finished game, courtesy of the 25th anniversary staff book. it's a direct prologue to chapter 7 of genealogy, which gives some context to patty's mission to rob the yied shrine and contributes to her backstory in general

quick bit of context: this thing was contributed to the staff book by masayuki horikawa, an intsys employee who's contributed to every fe game since thracia 776, except fe8 and fe12, mainly as a director, scenarist and writer. according to his introduction, he found this script for a scrapped fe4 scenario while cleaning out his computer and decided to put it in the staff book. if you're interested, you can find the original scans here

as usual, huge, huge thanks to ammie for proofreading it and helping out with parts i was stuck on

finally, the objective best character in fe4's secondgen has an entire story to herself! )
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