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okay so it's still pretty early as far as the hacking side of the project goes, but there's been one development which i thought i'd seek opinions about. DDS is currently spending a bit of time looking at implementing the translation's font which, big surprise, i chose to pilfer from earthbound.  he conducted a couple of tests to compare outline schemes for the font and weigh the pros and cons of each, and those tests look like this:

left: a 3-colour version where the outlines are shaded with 2 colours, like vanilla fe4's japanese font
right: a 2-colour version where the outlines are a single flat colour

now, while i've got my opinions on each, i'm obviously very biased on the subject so i figure i'd see if i could sample some other opinions on the matter. to that end: which of these two do you prefer? which outline scheme do you feel looks nicer? do you have any legibility or accessiblity concerns about either one? i'm all ears

(also, for the record, i am extremely excited about my work being at least partially in patch form for the first time! you should've seen my reaction to the first test he sent)

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