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The Gigantic Pile of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Translation Notes, Version 0.00002

aka The This Is What i'm Wasting My Time On Instead Of Finishing The Damn Patch, aka The Book of the Book of Naga, aka The Ass-Coverathon 2017, aka The Too Much Information (And Not In The Sex-ish Way That People Seem To Like For Some Reason), aka The Summa Genealogia, aka The Living Proof That book "bookofholsety" ofholsety Loves The Sound Of His Own Metaphorical Voice

right, here's the deal. i haven't been able to get back to proper work on the patch for a while because of uni and other personal reasons, but i have been thinking about what i've done so far, what i'd like to do and occasionally jotting down notes. i've been planning for a while to put together a set of translator's notes for the sake of those who'd like to use our foundation to translate genealogy into other languages, as well as for general information on various decisions and methods. i'd also like to expand it into broader documentation of other elements of the game, since there's a few things going on which frankly have not been documented particularly well

of course, the majority of that is still a while off, but i figure there's no harm posting the one completish thing i have so far. i'll add to this whenever i have the time, but who knows when that'll be?

once i've completely finalised the script, i also plan to release it in transcript form. maybe i'll see if i can donate it to serenes? idk

I. The translation
The beginning
Menus and gameplay stuff
Prologue: Birth of a Crusader
Chapter 1: The Spirit Forest's Maiden
Chapter 2: Crisis in Agustria
Chapter 3: Eldigan the Lionheart
Chapter 4: Dance in the Skies
Chapter 5: Threshold of Fate
Chapter 6: Heirs to the Light
Chapter 7: Beyond the Desert
Chapter 8: The Dracoknights of Thracia
Chapter 9: For Whose Sake
Chapter 10: Light and Darkness
Endgame: The Final Holy War

II. Cut content
Unused text
Unused graphics
Classes, items and skills
III. The wank

Further reading
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