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i've been chipping away at this for a couple of weeks now and it's finally done. here, have what's probably the most important thing to happen to the jugdral games in the past decade: an entirely new bit of story in the form of a genealogy scenario which did not make it into the finished game, courtesy of the 25th anniversary staff book. it's a direct prologue to chapter 7 of genealogy, which gives some context to patty's mission to rob the yied shrine and contributes to her backstory in general

quick bit of context: this thing was contributed to the staff book by masayuki horikawa, an intsys employee who's contributed to every fe game since thracia 776, except fe8 and fe12, mainly as a director, scenarist and writer. according to his introduction, he found this script for a scrapped fe4 scenario while cleaning out his computer and decided to put it in the staff book. if you're interested, you can find the original scans here

as usual, huge, huge thanks to ammie for proofreading it and helping out with parts i was stuck on


  • Patty: A thief
  • Liina: Her childhood friend (original character)
  • Shanan: Prince of Isaach
  • Soldier (Connaught)
  • Orphan
  • Black-robed figure
  • Man
  • Orphanage dean
  • Soldier 1 (Yied)
  • Soldier 2 (Yied)

Connaught: manor hall

In front of the storehouse

While scouting the area, Patty emerges from the shadows.

...Boy, they're careless. There aren't even any watchmen out.

Patty turns to apply her thief’s trade on the gate’s lock, but is shocked to find that....

...It's open.

Soldier's voice (in the distance):
An intruder!

Shocked, Patty backs away from the door.

Connaught: garden

Liina runs for her life, a sheet of parchment screwed up in her hand.

However, waiting in front of the gate, a soldier stands in her path.


Liina unsheaths her sword. The soldier charges at Liina...

...But, suddenly, to Liina's astonishment, he collapses.


The soldier's fall reveals Patty standing behind him. She stares in awe at the sword in her hand.

Wow... So this sleep sword really DOES do something...

Patty's gaze moves onto Liina...

You're kidding! Here I am, raring to mess around with ‘em, but you beat me to it...

Liina, looking at Patty in disbelief, says...


Patty is astonished.

Huh? Who're you?

Liina eagerly grabs Patty's hand.

It's really you, Patty! It's me! Liina!

Huh? Liina?! You're kidding!

The sound of footsteps approaches. The two girls are startled.

Er, anyway, is it alright if we put this off for a bit?

Sounds good...

The two run away as fast as they can.

The town's outskirts, beneath a tree's shade

Patty and Liina lie next to each other.

Oh, really? So you're working for a liberation army now.

...After I left the orphanage, I wandered here and there for a little while, and everywhere I went was the same. All the people I met were suffering...

...Yeah, you mean it’s only those who go grovelling to the Empire who’re banging on about how this is some great age of prosperity, huh?

Liina nods.

I mean, somebody’s got to put a stop to all this real soon. Isaach's Prince Shanan and the "scion of light", Lord Seliph, are fighting back. It's up to people like us to pave the way to that new age with our own hands.

Patty whistles.

Whew, that's so cool!

You're making fun of me! You weren't even paying attention, were you?

I guess. I mean, all I really want is to make sure the kids at the orphanage don't starve...

Really... Well, in that case, I've got a bit of a proposal for you.


Just take a look at this.

Liina retrieves the parchment.

Oh! This is-

-a floor plan of the Yied Shrine. Well? Look how delicately drawn this thing is!

Why've you got something like THAT?

I was given a mission to get my hands on this. Went to a lot of trouble for it, so we might as well have a bit of fun with it while we’re here.

Grinning, Liina looks at Patty.

How'd you like to rob this treasury here?


Rumors say there's mountains of treasure in there! More than enough for the orphanage!


There's a sword in there that I really need. Er, I mean, it's Prince Shanan who needs it. Anything else in there, though? It'll all be yours, Patty. Well? Not a half-bad proposal, huh?

Yeah... Just one question, though...

Go for it.

Her eyes sparkling as she clasps her hands before her chest, Patty asks...

What's Prince Shanan like? Is he clever? Tall? He's gotta be handsome, right?


Liina stares blankly for a moment, but quickly breaks into laughter.

Ahahahaha! Hahahahahaha....

Patty sullenly puts her hands on her hips.

What? It's not funny!

Oh, you really haven't changed a bit, have you...


The town's entrance

Patty and Liina walk together.

Well, here you are...


The two go their separate ways. A black-robed observer emerges from the shadows and slashes.


Liina swings around and tries to unsheath her blade, only to take a blow from another longsword.

Liina collapses.

Cries and gasps ring out from the crowd around her.

The black-robed man flees.

A nearby man hurries to Liina’s side and lightly cradles her.

Hey, are you alright? Hey!

The orphanage... the... outskirts...

The man turns to the crowd surrounding them.

Hey! Can someone give me a hand here?

Several men lift and carry Liina away.


Another street in town

Patty is cheerfully walking about.

Orphan's voice:
Big sister Patty!

Patty looks in the voice's direction An orphan frantically runs after her. Patty is puzzled.

Inside the orphanage

> Patty rushes into the room. The orphanage dean is clutching a blood-covered Liina.


Pa... tty... I'm sor... ry... I... screwed up...

Shh. You shouldn't be talking. Where's the doctor?

Patty asks the orphanage dean. With a mournful look, the dean says...

He was here earlier, but he... He said he doesn’t do charity work.

This... This can't be happening...

Patty falls back in a daze.

Sorry... I... It looks like I... can't go to Yied now...

Liina clings to Patty.

Patty... Please, the sword... The sword... Get it to Prince Shanan...

Patty nods, barely holding back her tears.

Liina: Promise... Can you promise me...

I can. You... You don't have to say anymore...

Patty... Someday... someday... A new age... It's coming, right? All the pain... All the darkness... surely... it'll all end soon...?

Patty nods again, letting the tears flow.

It will. Prince Shanan and Lord Seliph'll pave the way to that new age. I know they will... I know they will.

A new age... An... an age of... of light... I... I wanted to see it... too...

Liina breathes her last.

Patty shakes her lifeless body.

Liina! LIINA! You can't die now! You can't be dead! You can't!

Patty breaks down into tears.

Yied Shrine - exterior

In front of the store-house

A pair of soldiers stand guard. An old lady approaches them, bearing a tray with a pair of cups.

Old lady:
Ohh, I see you’re hard at work as usual, lads.

Soldier 1:
Huh? Haven’t seen you around before, ma'am.

Old lady:
Ohh, is that right? Well, that’d be because I’m always in the kitchen, peeling your potatoes and the like.

Soldier 1:
...So, er, what’s a potato-peelin’ old lady doin’ all the way out here?

Old lady:
Well, surely such fine watchmen working so late into the night would be weary and in need of refreshments?

Soldier 2:
Huh... That’s pretty thoughtful of you.

Old lady:
Now come, then, before it gets cold...

The second soldier takes a sip from one of the cups, only to keel right over.

Soldier 1:
Gah! What the-

The first soldier faints dead away mid-sentence, as the old lady clubs him in the nape of his neck with her tray.

Smirking and laughing, the old lady casts away her disguise, revealing Patty the thief.

Patty lightly winks at the two soldiers, now lying in a heap atop one another.

Nighty-night! Sweet dreams...

Patty turns to the store-house, her face turning grim.

Liina... I'll keep our promise.

Patty unfastens the store-house lock.

x x x

Beneath a tree’s shade, not far from that storehouse, a cloaked man watches Patty with determination. His name... Shanan.

(Continued in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Chapter 7: "Beyond the Desert"...)
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