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it's been over a month since MP2E left the project, and i finally have great news after spending most of that time procrastinating: we have a... replacement? no, that's too cold and impersonal. successor? no, too pretentious. new guy! yeah, that's it. we have a new hacking/programming guy

point is, meet [personal profile] dds*. he comes with quite the solid resume as a hacker for fan translations; two notable snes patches he already has under his belt are megami tensei: the old testament and romancing saga, both of which are fantastic translations for good games that are very much worth your time (i'm still making my way through megami tensei in what little spare time i have from uni). he volunteered his services for fe4, and i'd wager that my script is in excellent hands here!

for everyone else, if you think there's something you want to contribute on the technical side of things, feel free to drop us a line! thanks for everything, people

*the blog's empty but what the hell, i had to link to something, didn't i? :P

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