i've had this thing sitting in my drafts since february, and i'm only getting back to it within 12 goddamn hours of part 5's release. i'm a self-parody at this point, i swear

obligatory major spoiler warning! if you're worried about being hit with spoilers, i strongly recommend closing this window, sitting down and watching the thing. go on, do it. it's pretty good.

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nearly four years later, this is still something that a lot of people have a lot of questions and a lot of opinions about, not all of them deserved. i'd like to take a moment - a long, long moment - to try and break down the elephant in the room

please note: the majority of this was written before the start of the fire emblem heroes "choose your legends" campaign, and does not currently take any of its contributions into account! once the game is out and jugdral characters start to appear in it, i might come back and change things as necessary, but in the meantime, heroes does not exist for the purposes of this article

In case this is the first you’ve heard about this, here’s what happened. In 2012, there was this obscure little game called Fire Emblem: Awakening. Like, incredibly obscure. You’ve probably never heard of it because it never got localised, sold a grand total of three units, killed the Fire Emblem franchise forever and ensured that Intelligent Systems was never heard from again.

Seriously, Awakening included a sizable collection of bonus characters from previous Fire Emblem games. When the game was localised in 2013, this was the first (and to date, last) time that any substantial content from Genealogy or Thracia had ever been featured in officially localised English material, and so about thirty-five characters from across the two Jugdral games, as well as numerous locations and almost all of the holy weapons, got official English names for the first time. Unsurprisingly, to this day there are those who still revile the introduction of these names as the worst thing to ever happen to Fire Emblem.

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bookofholsety: this post is a Genealogy of the Holy War first-gen translation (lewyn!)
i'm going to be completely upfront. this is the first time i've been this genuinely excited for the future of fire emblem in a very, very long time. the gaiden remake looks absolutely phenomenal and i'm so glad that the mobile game seems to be fully embracing the series' history. granted, there's a good chance i'm setting myself up for one hell of a fall here, just like i did with fe13 back in the day, but for once i don't care. it's nice to not be a living pile of salt for once

anyway, i'm here to talk about the reason i woke up this morning to a fuckton of people showing me things and asking questions on twitter (or at least, what passes as a fuckton for me)

i've often spoken of my preference to defer to the localisations when it comes to the names of characters, and that if a future localised fire emblem work included characters from jugdral, i would come back to incorporate them into my translations. well, it's happened. the character voting section of fire emblem heroes' site has given us the complete playable casts of genealogy and thracia, as well as a couple of randoms like sandima

here's the plan. i intend to go with whatever the app says, but i'm going to wait until the app is out and datamined before i do anything at all, just to be safe. official english sites for fire emblem have a habit of being a bit confused and error prone with the finer details (e.g. the fe13 site had a hard time remembering that celica and cecilia are not the same character), and it's entirely possible that any of the choices exhibited on this website will be inconsistent with what the app actually goes with. in addition there are cases where the site's listings are inconsistent with what pre-existing localisations already call a character (e.g. marduk instead of murdock, nimue instead of niime, lachesis instead of raquesis, osian instead of orsin), so my preference is to wait and see if any of this changes. my current theory is that all the obvious, significant shifts away from the form of the original name (e.g. astolfo, erinys, gwendolyn, delthea) exhibit clear thought and premeditation, such that they can be safely assumed to be final and unchanging, but that anything else is still a crapshoot at this point. hell, in the few days that the poll's been up, they've already edited some of the listed names! (e.g. the johabros have been changed from "luchar and lucharba" with an l to "iuchar" and "iucharba" with an i)

if it turns out the app does not include any of these characters at launch, however, my plan is to disregard the website until the characters actually show up in the app itself, if ever. i might take inspiration from it if it offers genuine improvements over my current ideas, but i won't treat it as hard and fast English Canon™ or anything. for what it's worth, i was already seriously considering renaming faval to "febail", so i guess this gives me an excuse

as for my opinions, reactions and potential explanations for specific characters? those are all over my twitter and tumblr right now, if you're really curious, but the last thing i want to do is ramble about them at length, because god knows my opinions will change over time. i wasn't partial to fe13's contributions to the characters at first, but obviously my opinion has changed since then

in conclusion,

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The Gigantic Pile of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Translation Notes, Version 0.00002

aka The This Is What i'm Wasting My Time On Instead Of Finishing The Damn Patch, aka The Book of the Book of Naga, aka The Ass-Coverathon 2017, aka The Too Much Information (And Not In The Sex-ish Way That People Seem To Like For Some Reason), aka The Summa Genealogia, aka The Living Proof That book "bookofholsety" ofholsety Loves The Sound Of His Own Metaphorical Voice

right, here's the deal. i haven't been able to get back to proper work on the patch for a while because of uni and other personal reasons, but i have been thinking about what i've done so far, what i'd like to do and occasionally jotting down notes. i've been planning for a while to put together a set of translator's notes for the sake of those who'd like to use our foundation to translate genealogy into other languages, as well as for general information on various decisions and methods. i'd also like to expand it into broader documentation of other elements of the game, since there's a few things going on which frankly have not been documented particularly well

of course, the majority of that is still a while off, but i figure there's no harm posting the one completish thing i have so far. i'll add to this whenever i have the time, but who knows when that'll be?

once i've completely finalised the script, i also plan to release it in transcript form. maybe i'll see if i can donate it to serenes? idk

I. The translation
The beginning
Menus and gameplay stuff
Prologue: Birth of a Crusader
Chapter 1: The Spirit Forest's Maiden
Chapter 2: Crisis in Agustria
Chapter 3: Eldigan the Lionheart
Chapter 4: Dance in the Skies
Chapter 5: Threshold of Fate
Chapter 6: Heirs to the Light
Chapter 7: Beyond the Desert
Chapter 8: The Dracoknights of Thracia
Chapter 9: For Whose Sake
Chapter 10: Light and Darkness
Endgame: The Final Holy War

II. Cut content
Unused text
Unused graphics
Classes, items and skills
III. The wank

Further reading
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Unsurprisingly, given that we've had seven localised Fire Emblem games and thirteen years' worth of precedent to work with, dealing with names for classes, items and all that was a pretty cut and dry affair, and were mostly a matter of just bringing in what other games did with them. Not much news here, being that basically every other FE fan translation ever has done the same, and i’m pretty sure there’s nothing controversial at all about calling those sword/lance riders “cavaliers”.

Christ, i hope there’s nothing controversial about cavaliers. 

There's still a few cases worth noting, though.

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i've had this sitting in my drafts for months now and i've kept meaning to finish it when i have the time to spare. i guess now is as good a time as ever

it shouldn't come as any surprise by this point that this thing is full of huge spoilers! i strongly recommend watching the thing, then coming back here. actually, come to think of it, i'd say now's a very good time to start watching the entire series if you haven't already, since the end of part 3 is a pretty comfortable resting point with none of the same excruciating cliffhangers that part 2 offered

bookofholsety: this post is probably a miscellaneous jugdral side/meta thingy (patty!)
at the moment i'm unspeakably busy with uni and haven't had the time to keep up with fe4 patch stuff at all - for the past few weeks, if it's not been assessment, it's been uni poetry events, and if it hasn't been that it's been causing domestic disasters. even so, this is something i've been slowly chipping away at for a few months now and i figure, it's basically complete, why not just post it? if there's something wrong with it, then i can always edit it later

what happened is, over the years i've accrued waaaaaay too much material about various old translations of fe4, and for a while i've been kicking around the idea of piecing it all together into something resembling a history of the game in english. part of this was inspired by a smash bros practice meet i attended a few months ago, where i was chatting with a guy there about fire emblem. in a fit of ego i happened to bring up my work on fe4, and he remarked that he was surprised that i'd done another, since he thought there were already a lot of translation patches for fe4. i'd already been thinking about this on and off for a while now, but his point really got me thinking. it goes without saying that our little team here was far from the first to take a stab at translating fe4, but just how far from the first were we, anyway?

something tells me that most people aren't as ridiculously obsessive about this stuff as i am, but what the hell. those who don't learn from history etc etc

bookofholsety: this post is a Genealogy of the Holy War first-gen translation (lewyn!)
oh, er, i probably should've thought to say something here sooner, but what the hell. anyway, the patch is now available!

it's an open beta release and it's a work in progress, both for programming and writing. we'll be spending some time taking bug reports and ironing out kinks in the hacks and typos and other issues with the script

thanks to everybody who helped to take this project from just some guy pottering around in a dark corner of tumblr to an actual playable translation! i quite literally wouldn't be here if not for you lot
bookofholsety: this post is a Genealogy of the Holy War first-gen translation (lewyn!)
here, have some good news: dds has basically finished identifying and inserting script blocks, so all dialogue is in and (mostly) functional. that's right, after fifteen years of fan translators coming and going, fire emblem: genealogy of the holy war finally has a (mostly) working english epilogue

does this mean we're done? fuck, no! a lot of things still need doing, including but not limited to:
  • fixing issues with the text engine in menus
  • proofreading
  • finishing the title screen, specifically the subtitle plate
  • cleaning up text alignments
  • proofreading
  • dealing with major bugs
  • proofreading
  • did i say proofreading already? because holy shit, proofreading
in a development which will surprise literally nobody, my end of this particular bargain is probably what's going to slow us all down. i've got to balance getting this done with university work, which is currently in the middle of slowly gnawing my leg off. i'm hoping i'll be able to make good use in an upcoming lull in university proceedings, and i might be able to slowly chip away at the script in what little spare time i have, but i'm regrettably booked solid for the next two weeks

so, er, yeah. that is the state of project naga. the end is in sight

oh, and if you want slightly more frequent updates and tidbits, i now have a twitter. i might say interesting translation things there sometimes? who knows! it might just end up being a lot of bitter griping


oh goddamnit, toei. you cannot be serious right now. you're leaving us on such a colossal cliffhanger for six goddamn months? really? it'd be easier and less excruciating to just murder me right now. yeah. just fire a toy digivice out of a cannon at high velocity and let it wreck me. you're already half-way there so just commit to it already

anyway, you know the drill. here be spoilers. if you haven't watched it yet, go fix that on crunchyroll right now, then we'll talk. alternatively, don't, because this is one hell of an excruciating cliffhanger

oh, and my thoughts on part 1 are back over here

okay, laptop hell is finally over. i'm back

it's been a long while since i've said anything about progress on the project here, and thankfully it looks like i've got a lot to say. in my absence, DDS and AzimuthFE have been doing a fantastic job with the technical side of the project and everything is looking really good. here, have some screenshots that they've been posting over on

christ, it wasn't all that long ago that i was still using photoshopped mockup examples to plug/test the script. boy, do times change!

it's starting to look pretty embarrassing that i'm still waaaaaaaaaaay behind on script proofing. my plan was to dedicate at least the last month of the holidays to doing it, but then the laptop chose to go pthhbhthbhpthhhthtbbbthb so that went out the window. thankfully i'm pretty used to the Uni Vs Translation balancing act by now, so i suppose that's the plan going forward. all this technical progress goes to show that i really ought to clean up my act and make the script slightly less shit
 i figured i should let people know: yes, i'm still dead

been informed by the laptop maintenance people that the replacement keyboard has been ordered and should be here next week. bear in mind that the laptop was due a week ago. should be back in something resembling action by then. still typing this on a wii u. yeah, it's still pretty painful
 yes i know i just said i'd be gone for a bit due to internet problems but fuck you i'm really not in the mood for this

anyway laptop keyboard and trackpad not responding at all. writing this from my wii u. have to take it in for repairs. won't be around for translation stuff for a bit. am not happy at all about this. hopefully resolved soon

i just finished watching the first part of tri, and i have so many feelings and opinions about it that i figured i ought to try and organise them into a big-ass post

needless to say, this is going to veer right into spoiler territory, so if you haven't watched tri part 1 and you intend to, DO IT RIGHT NOW. the entire thing's up on crunchyroll so get yourself a free trial and watch it. now. even if you don't give a shit i'd also recommend watching it anyway, but of course i'd say that

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okay so it's still pretty early as far as the hacking side of the project goes, but there's been one development which i thought i'd seek opinions about. DDS is currently spending a bit of time looking at implementing the translation's font which, big surprise, i chose to pilfer from earthbound.  he conducted a couple of tests to compare outline schemes for the font and weigh the pros and cons of each, and those tests look like this:

left: a 3-colour version where the outlines are shaded with 2 colours, like vanilla fe4's japanese font
right: a 2-colour version where the outlines are a single flat colour

now, while i've got my opinions on each, i'm obviously very biased on the subject so i figure i'd see if i could sample some other opinions on the matter. to that end: which of these two do you prefer? which outline scheme do you feel looks nicer? do you have any legibility or accessiblity concerns about either one? i'm all ears

(also, for the record, i am extremely excited about my work being at least partially in patch form for the first time! you should've seen my reaction to the first test he sent)

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it's been over a month since MP2E left the project, and i finally have great news after spending most of that time procrastinating: we have a... replacement? no, that's too cold and impersonal. successor? no, too pretentious. new guy! yeah, that's it. we have a new hacking/programming guy

point is, meet [personal profile] dds*. he comes with quite the solid resume as a hacker for fan translations; two notable snes patches he already has under his belt are megami tensei: the old testament and romancing saga, both of which are fantastic translations for good games that are very much worth your time (i'm still making my way through megami tensei in what little spare time i have from uni). he volunteered his services for fe4, and i'd wager that my script is in excellent hands here!

for everyone else, if you think there's something you want to contribute on the technical side of things, feel free to drop us a line! thanks for everything, people

*the blog's empty but what the hell, i had to link to something, didn't i? :P

bookofholsety: this post is probably a miscellaneous jugdral side/meta thingy (patty!)
putting this in a proper post because they deserve better than being hidden in a comments thread from a month ago :P

okay, so back in 2000, the mangaka kyouko tsuchiya did an artbook called soul driver 2000, which included a set of really quite lovely fe4 illustrations. [personal profile] taichara just scanned the lot of them (thanks for that!), and you can take a look at them over here. trust me, they're very much worth your time
bookofholsety: this post is probably a miscellaneous jugdral side/meta thingy (patty!)
basically everyone knows about this already (i think i might've been the last to know, actually), but there's been some unfortunate news on the hacking front. for a year or two now, the technical side of the project has been the domain of MP2E, who was working on reverse-engineering FE4 and devising new tools to dump and inject scripts for the game. regrettably, however, today he had to bow out of the project. to quote from the message he left on his github:

NOTICE: I’ve been putting off this project for quite a while in the hopes of being able to return and finish it, but it’s looking more unlikely as time goes on. Very sorry for all who got their hopes up.. I’d love to see FE4 translated and Bookofholsety has created a fantastic translation that very much deserves to be ingame, but I’m low on time and motivation. What killed this project was ultimately my inability to reverse engineer. I would like to pick this up at some time in the future, but I really have no ETAs and at this point I have to declare this project kaput. Resire never got more functionality than the original C patching tools floating around so there’s no point in releasing it.

i can't thank MP2E enough for all the work he put into this thing and for humouring my bullshit. the day he offered his services was the day that this thing went from "some arrogant idiot noodling around in some dark corner of tumblr" to "something kind of sort of vaguely resembling a legitimate translation". even if his efforts never came to fruition, he did so much for this project, including christening it "project naga", and i am so grateful for everything he did. best of luck with everything, man!

anyway, this also means that once again, i'm a free agent in need of a good hacker, or perhaps several. gringe has graciously offered to give it a look and see what he can do, but the man's really busy and perhaps there might be some value to having multiple hands on board for this thing. now, i should mention that i have exactly zero experience directing any group efforts at all, let alone a programming project. i don't know the first thing about how to structure a group programming effort. hopefully we can figure something out together, but i apologise in advance because i have a feeling i'm going to be terrible at the whole "responsibility" thing

a couple of notes/stipulations for anyone who's interested:
  • part of the issue with my work is that i've kind of got a ridiculously stubborn idea of how i'd like the finished product to look. we're talking "oh dear god this guy has made fucking mockups" levels of stubborn. as part of this, i'm kind of dead-set on the gameplay side of fe4 (menus, etc) having a variable-width font implemented, though if MP2E's commentary is anything to go by, that might actually be the least frustrating thing about hacking this game!
  • in addition to properly implementing the game's script, i'll also be needing somebody who can hack graphics. there's a lot of graphics which, in current patches, remain untranslated, and i'm determined to see those sorted out for this translation. i've prepared prototypes of most of the graphics changes myself, but i don't know the first thing about how snes games actually format these things or how to implement them
  • fortunately, there's a sizable amount of prior work to use as reference here.  MP2E's github is still a very useful resource for documentation on the game, and the source codes for the earlier work of the j2e team and twilkitri can be found here and here. as i understand it, both are very dated and less than optimal, which was the entire reason MP2E sought to develop the resire engine to begin with, so keep that in mind
if you're interested in the job, leave a reply on this entry or shoot me a pm on serenes, and be sure to reference any development and/or fe/snes hacking experience you have. odds are you'll hear back from me sooner or later

thanks, everyone. and once again, thank you so much, MP2E


posting this here because it's a pretty interesting read, and i figured that since this blog is supposed to be about translating fe, an article about the guys who are currently doing the official localisations is very relevant reading. it's mostly fluff and not exactly an in-depth look at their process, and the article itself doesn't mention fe at all, but hey, i love this sort of thing no matter how minor it is
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(last edited 11-6-2016)

let's face it, as much as i profess to not give a shit about namewank anymore, i was going to have to do this sooner or later. i was hoping this would wait until the complete translation was in patch form, but eh

i should reiterate that i am absolutely not open to any suggestions/demands/begging with respect to changing my changes. i cannot emphasise this enough. fe4's patch is out the door, and while i'm still editing the script, the names are done. finished. set in stone. changing them now is much, much more trouble than it's worth. fe5 is still obviously a work in progress, but the same goes for it as well because i'm not interested in having it beleaguered by endless namewank when frankly, we all have much better things to focus on.

i also want to mention that i did not take this lightly at all. i've been around the fire emblem block more than a few times, and i've seen again and again just how apeshit people go over namewank. where i felt a tweak or outright change was needed, i spent a damn long time mulling it over and grappling with whether or not it was really worth punching the fe fandom in the snout. when you spend three years working on a thing, that gives you an absolutely obscene amount of time to think, research and plan, to thoroughly vet your ideas to make sure you haven't just gotten your dick bitten off for basically no reason. i knew exactly what i was doing when i made these changes, i did the research and i talked most of them through with people who know what they're talking about

also, yes, names inevitably change in translation. this includes fan translations, believe it or not. sometimes a name needs to be tweaked to properly make the reference the original work intended, and for the most part this is what i was concerned with and what i did
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